If all the light made by humans is extinguished to sharpen the senses
You can spend and feel your own night

During the period, the light source will be turned off all around the venue and the “real night” will be reproduced.
There are no flashy attractions or music that breaks the silence.
Please feel the nature of “Kiso” directly according to your pace.
“Sound of meteor” is not a poetic expression.
Electromagnetic waves are converted to sound waves and rarely heard with the falling of shooting star.
You might be able to hear the “sound of meteor” tonight.


Astronomy bath

Roll on a sheet of grass and take a shower of stars in a relaxed manner

Touching with Kiso Horse

Visit the horses in stables at night
Guide to the venue with carriage by Kiso Horses

Commentary on the starry sky by the guide

Let’s search for various stars
Look up at the night sky and talk with the guide

Walk in the dark

Walking with the lantern while feeling the fresh wind of the night

Unique “real night” in rainy day

Let’s listen to the sound of the rain
Commentary on the starry sky in the room (The event might be canceled in stormy weather)

Enjoy the taste with sweets and sake under the starry sky

Sweets specially made by local confectioner and local sake with “real night” original label will be served



August 31 (Sat) – September 23 (Mon) 20:00 – 21:15

The event might be canceled in stormy weather


Village of Kiso Horse, Suekawa, Kaida Highlands, Kiso town, Kiso county, Nagano pref.

Participation fee:

Over 20 years old : JPY1,500 (Sweet or sake, participating certificate and insurance
premium are inclusive)

Under 20 years old : JPY1,000 (Sweet, participating certificate and insurance premium are

Fixed number:

40 persons per day

(minimum passenger count : 4 persons)

Fee-charging option(Advance reservation required):


Both ways taxi service between Kiso-fukushima and venue
Adult:JPY1,000 / Primary schoolchild or less:JPY500

Lap blanket rental:


Special Option on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and National holiday:

Guide to the venue with carriage by Kiso Horses (Advance reservation required)

Fixed number:20 persons / Fee:JPY300 (It will be suspended on September 8)

How to apply:

【Advance reservation is basically necessary】

Reception starts from August 1, 2019 (9:00-17:00)
Please inform your staying accommodation if you would like to take part in the event during staying period. In the case of participation on that day, please apply at the accommodation
by 17:00.

Car parking:

Please use big car parking locating at entrance of Village of Kiso Horse.


Paid transfer service available from JR Kiso Fukushima Station

Contact Us:
Kiso Ontake Tourism Office